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Monthly Archives: July 2016

3 Huge Wins for Labor Show the Power of the Rank-and-File

Slaughter_Unions_Protests_Win_850_593 Three big wins for workers in the last nine months arrived where you might least expect them: in the old, blue-collar economy. That’s the economy where unions are down to 6.7 percent, where wins are rare and workers are supposed to be on their way out. Yet at Chrysler,...
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In Historic NLRB Ruling, Temps Win the Right To Join Unions

A new ruling will enable temporary and permanent employees to come together to negotiate with their bosses in mixed bargaining units. The National Labor Relations Board on Monday overturned a Bush-era standard that said a union could only organize a bargaining unit of jointly employed and regular employees if both employers consented—even if those employees worked together closely. "Jointly employed" includes...
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Labor Board Ruling Could Allow Grad Students to Unionize

When Paul Katz, a fourth-year graduate student at Columbia University, is researching primary texts in the library, he considers himself a student. But when he is grading undergraduate papers or lecturing to students, he sees himself as an employee who should have the right to join a union. article...
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Is Income Inequality getting worse?

On July 1, at the start of the Independence Day weekend, we learned that income inequality in this country became even worse last year. Economic inequality produces scars that last a lifetime – and even longer. That’s one reason why President Obama said in 2013 that “increasing inequality … challenges the very essence of who...
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