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Donate to the Mother Jones Museum

Hello brothers and sisters, I am writing you as a member of the Mother Jones Museum events committee in Mt. Olive Illinois. United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts will be laying wreaths at the graves of the legendary Irish born labor agitator Mother Jones, stellar former...
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Are you reading credible news?

chris-m-stevens Chris Stevens, reporter for The Labor Paper, will be doing an in depth article on where you get your news. Is it a credible news source? Are you ready faux news sites? Are you sharing these faux articles? Who is benefiting when you do? This is an article you...
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Speak Out: #ImWithChuck

Dear Colleague, An attack against one is an attack against all. By now you've likely seen that President-elect Trump insulted a Steelworkers local union president on Twitter and we cannot be silent. Union members across the country are speaking out on social media using the hashtag #ImWithChuck. Please jump in on the Twitter conversation today with messages...
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