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Illinois AFL-CIO makes endorsements

Duckworth Endorsed For U.S. Senate
Labor Supports Candidates Opposed To Rauner Anti-Worker Agenda
Following up on the organization’s early Primary Election endorsement last year, the Illinois AFL-CIO endorsed Tammy Duckworth for U.S. Senate and state legislative candidates who have stood up against Rauner’s attack the middle class during its meetings Tuesday in Springfield.
Duckworth has a 97 percent voting record on Labor issues and is challenging Mark Kirk for U.S. Senate this fall. “Mark Kirk has been terrible on economic issues that working families face every day,” Illinois AFL-CIO President Michael T. Carrigan said. “ The middle class is under siege in Illinois and across this country. Kirk’s voting record isn’t cutting it for the people that need him in their corner.”
More than 100 leaders and activists from all areas of the state also voted to support General Assembly candidates that have stood up to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s attempts to gut unions and undercut economic security programs for the state’s middle class.
“The members spoke loud and clear today,” Carrigan said. “Working families are supporting candidates that will stand up for the middle class and against more giveaways for the wealthy and corporate CEOs.”
The Illinois AFL-CIO, which represents 1.5 million union household registered voters, also unveiled its massive Labor 2016 mobilization effort that will make more than three million phone calls and knock on 200,000 doors in targeted districts.
“We will talk to union families and their neighbors at worksites, on the phones and at the doors,” Carrigan said. “We will make sure voters understand what is at stake this November.”


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